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Fully Transparent, brand-safe inventory

As a part of ColorTV’s commitment to providing advertisers with transparent, brand safe inventory, ColorTV’s AdCel division is proud to introduce “TRUTH” a first-in-class, verified, mobile first, PMP only Programmatic Exchange platform. Our proprietary SDK integrations directly with mobile apps allows us to verify integrity of data in bid requests from any seller and filter out bad actors in the ecosystem. Buyers can now gain access to high quality, verified clean inventory with confidence.

We take fraud Seriously!

ColorTV employs the most sophisticated 3rd party TQ vendor in the space. Our partnership with Pixalate enables ColorTV to scan and measure every single impression request that hits our machines, way before they are impressions. In addition, ColorTV's proprietary in-house fraud detection technologies seek out anomalies between request vs. serve data to pinpoint and eliminate any fraud that is not caught via pre-bid detection. Our redundant approach to TQ, in addition to manually vetting and working with direct publishers ensures the highest quality, brand safe inventory for your brand.



Ahh, the elusive "exclusive." The good news is, they do exist. Even better, we have them.

AdCel, ColorTV’s proprietary SDK, serves as the mediation and SDK of choice for approximately 4000 apps (and growing) exclusively. Publishers love our first in class CPM and fill rates.

Here’s how:
Adcel’s proprietary machine learning technology incorporates behavioral data from our in house DMP with historical buying behavior (CPM, fill) to perfectly select the right ad for each user every time. Adcel offers 100% viewable display and video that completes at 98% on average.

Custom Placements
Custom Ad Units
Unified Auction
High VCR


ColorTV employs a comprehensive array of publisher monetization tools paired with unique, unduplicated demand to deliver premium inventory opportunities to buyers. We never pay based off of the rate card, and neither will you.

Priority First Look
Programmatic Guaranteed
Custom Placements
Highly Viewable
High VCR

Adcel- Omni-channel self service DSP built for performance and speed.

ColorTV your ideal audience across all devices and environments in one easy to use interface. Our platform focuses on simplifying the buying process by leveraging powerful intuitive machine learning to perform vital campaign optimizations on your behalf. Plan, execute and measure your success without needing a PhD in data science.

Generate the best possible outcome for campaigns by leveraging our proprietary audiences captured through our SDK based integrations with publishers. Combine this data with our artificial intelligence engine to algorithmically optimize your campaigns on the fly- leveraging up to 120 different data points to quickly achieve your desired KPI’s. Make informed optimizations from our no-nonsense, easy to dissect reporting. Full API capability is available as well for reports.

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